My favourite US city – Seattle


Next stop after Chicago was Seattle, WA. I’ve been in Seattle once before and fell in love with this city already in 2013. Coming back this year was even more impressive.


I arrived in Seattle pretty early in the morning – first Alaska Airlines flight from O’Hare to SeaTac Airport means heading to the airport at 4am, take-off at 6am and after a 4-hour flight arriving in Seattle at 8:40am. I know the science behind it, but heading westbound always feels like time travelling to me.


Anyway, as soon as I arrived in downtown Seattle I was welcomed by the smell of the sea and of course coffee. You know you’re in Seattle when there is at least one Starbucks within a radius of 100 meters. So first things first, I dropped off my luggage at the hostel and then went for a stroll in the city. Upon arrival it was 68 degrees in the city. Not that warm, but it turned out to be a really nice and sunny day.










I decided to head over to Pioneer Square for lunch. There is something else I wanted to write about for a while: How I changed the way I explore new places. I love reading travelling guides, especially “Lonely Planet” and “Gebrauchsanweisung für …”. But this summer I changed my habits. First, I did quite some planning in July for all the different destinations I’d visit on my trip. I looked up restaurant recommendations, googled stuff, had a look at certain hashtags on Instagram, watched YouTube videos and read different blog posts. Second, I walked a lot through the cities. Therefore I used Google Maps – that app works without internet/ cell-phone reception and still tells me where I am. And third, I talked to the locals and other travellers and asked for recommendations or placed they really liked. That way it was possible to save a ton of money and also experience a new place like a local, which is in my opinion the right way to do it.

In the evening I ran into a girl from Austria – Caro – who grew up in the neighbor village (Gramastetten) and even went to the same school campus as I did. We immediately connected and decided to go for a walk in the evening and then grab dinner together.



The next day I had a special appointment – I headed about two hours north of the city to Everett. That is where Boeing assembles their airplanes. I was given the opportunity to visit the assembly plant facilities. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take any pictures – they have very strict regulations because damaging an airplane or stealing patents would cost them millions of dollars. It was very impressive to see the 747, the 777 and the Dreamliner in their assembly process.






In the afternoon I got my new iPhone. Therefore I got off the bus at Washington University in the northern part of Seattle. Strolling through the university district over to a really nice outdoor mall where I had to pick up my new iPhone. At the same time I found a well-assorted supermarket where I was able to grab real food aka no shitty ingredients and had a really nice lunch in the sun. Unfortunately I got lost on my way back into the city – oops. But in return I got a free sightseeing tour of Fremont, a very nice part of the city. I spent the evening with Caro and Nicolai, a Danish guy we met at the hostel as well, at a nearby bar and we had burgers and cider that night.


On my last day in this gorgeous city I went with Nicolai and some other roommates of mine to an observatory deck. Unfortunately the weather changed that day and Seattle experienced a heavy thunder storm and some serious rainfall so that parts of the city got flooded. It took my ages to get to the Greyhound station and the bus was also delayed. Soaked and wet I headed north to Canada. More about my adventures in Calgary and the Rockies in another blog post!

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