Chicago – already seems a while ago…

After spending three days out in the wilderness I’m now sitting at Starbucks (no surprise – warm, coffee and wifi – all I need at the moment) in Kamloops and am waiting for my connection to Cache Creek to visit my friend Esther who will also be studying at UVic with me.


But before I’ll tell you more about my adventures in the Rockies, I show you what I did in Chicago and Seattle. As most of you know, I’ve lived in the Chicago area after finishing High School for a while and this year I thought it would be very nice to re-visit my host family on the way to Canada. And so I did! I arrived on July 30th and stayed with them until August 12th before I headed further west to Seattle.


It all began, that I was really lucky with my choice of seating on the airplane from Europe to O’Hare. I was able to take such an amazing picture of Chicago.

Then I finally saw my entire host family again. It was so nice to spend some time with them! And to be honest, it didn’t feel at all like it’s been two years ever since I last saw them. We cooked together, watched TV-Shows in the evenings, watched one of Emily’s soccer games, hung out with Brady the dog and I took many many bike rides through the area.


On my first Sunday I went to Old Orchard, an outdoor shopping mall. There I bought my new North Face backpack (which I LOVE), a couple of Apple stuff, some new t-shirts, new earrings and went crazy at GAP (I guess I have to mention that there was SALE!). Also, I went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Then I took it easy during the week and went for runs, finally organized my Apple Photo library, met the Au Pair of the family living next door, visited all the people I know at Sunset, the supermarket, etc. On Thursday I went downtown during the day and visited the Chicago Art Institute. No matter how many times I’ve already been there, I could spend days in there! One day I was on the campus of the Northwestern University in Evanston, a bit north of Chicago, and also went to Andy’s Frozen Custard. Pure heaven!!! In Chicago I also managed to completely ruin my iPhone – but lucky me, I got a new one in Seattle – thumbs up for Apple customer service!!


The last few days were spent downtown. I explored Wicker Park/ Bucktown, Lincoln Park and Montrose Beach, Logan Square, Old Town and of course the Loop. But more on that later – too many pictures!





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