Roadtrip to “Heartland”


On the way back from my day trip today, I was thinking “I need to show them today’s pictures. Like RIGHT NOW!”. I just came back about 2 hours ago. So here we go – PICTURE OVERLOAD


But let’s start at the beginning. I rented a car for today and took the highway south to High River. After getting through Calgary’s morning traffic I found myself on the highway and there it was – first jaw-drop-moment! I could not believe what I saw – blue sky, yellow and green fields, the rockies in the background. It was so picturesque. At that point I decided that I need to listen to some country music.




After about one hour I arrived in High River. Very small but cute town. I took some pictures of some of the filming locations like Maggie’s Diner and one particular street. Then I drove to the ranch where most of Heartland is filmed. Of course it is private property so I could not really get close to anything. But just staying there, enjoying the view and listening to “Dreamer” gave me chills. It was so beautiful!





Since I still had some time I decided to head further west to Bragg Creek. I stayed on highway 66 to get to a little lake called Forgetmenot Pond. There is a short trail around the lake and also a small path to the close by Elbow river.




4 thoughts on “Roadtrip to “Heartland”

  1. Julia Shi says:

    Hello, it’s nice to read your blog, it brings me back to the days that I was travelling. right now, im in china and working , yea, i shift my foucus to career. Miss the days that travel alone, It feels different. I like that feeling, enjoyable.


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