Untold. Unseen.

It so happens that I’m sitting in a cute café in Pioneer Square in Seattle right now. I’ve started my summer travels about two weeks ago. First, I was flying into Chicago to see my second family. Next stop, still within the US, is Seattle. On Friday I’ll be heading north to Vancouver. From there I’ll fly east to Calgary. After spending some days in that city I’ll be on a tour through Banff and Jasper National Park. Everything after that is still unplanned. But I’m sure my friend, who I’ll be meeting around that time, and me will figure it out until then.

So far I’ve really enjoyed travelling all by myself. Sure, there’s no one to have conversations over lunch or a cup of coffee with. However, this “me-time” gives me the chance to reflect over certain things, experience places in a different way since I’m solely focused on exploring the surroundings and last but not least I can do whatever I want and would be free to change my mind every other minute.

One thing that I realized in the last few days is though, that I really do not want all my travel memories to be lost. Lost in terms of that they are stored on my MacBook’s hard drive and that funny stories remain solely in my head. Wouldn’t it be nice to save and share some? So, this can be understood as an invitation to all of you out there who read this now – you’re more than welcome to follow my adventures of summer travels, weird thoughts and hopefully nice pictures on this blog as well as on my Instagram feed.

This is to sharing happy thoughts and travel memories with this world – I would be honored if I can make you smile from time to time. By telling stories and sharing photographs.


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