Currently I am having very little free time but I enjoy my life a lot more than I did over the past few months. Here is why:

Since pretty much a month now I work full time. Means, I get up at 6am, leave the house one hour later and take the train to the airport where I work. At 8 o’clock I switch on my computer, check my emails and start an on average 8 hour work day. I have lunch with my lovely colleagues and maybe some afternoon coffee before I leave the office again at around 5pm. Then it takes me, like in the morning, about one hour to go home. On the way I usually pick up some groceries or run some other errands. Then after dinner I sit down, open my books and start studying for an upcoming exam. Before I go to bed I do my yoga routine and then catch a good night of sleep before I get up at 6am again. And so on…

I honestly have not been that good in a long long time. I feel energised, fulfilled, happy, grateful and appreciated. On my face I am constantly wearing a smile as if I’ve fallen in love. And in some way I did. I fell in love with my life again and it feels great. All the negative energy is gone all of a sudden.

I wondered why. And I found the answer. I am no longer online. I don’t see what is going on on Instagram or on Facebook because my “online-time” is very much limited ever since I started my internship. It feels so great – I don’t compare myself to others anymore, I don’t have the feeling of missing out, I am content with what I have because I don’t know what others do have.

That does not mean that I will now throw away my iPhone – gosh no! But I kind of developed a new awareness of my online-time. I don’t get notifications anymore and when I am on social media platforms or on the internet in general I spend that time with a much higher awareness of what I do. No more wasting time on stupid youtube videos or endless facebook scrolling. I enjoy being #offline. Offline – away from frustrating skinny legs, from super expensive handbags, from pictures that look all the same, from negative news, from unnecessary information.

I did not even realise how liberating it can be to stay away from social media a bit more until I stumbled over this talk. Especially this hit me: “You’re not as important as anything that could come to me though this device.” Well, my dear “friends” out there – if we meet up then my phone is not on the table. You should start doing that too. Otherwise you could meet up with the person you’re texting/ snapchatting with – they’re obviously more important than me. Real life is so much better!!!

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One thought on “#online

  1. Elena says:

    Sehr gut beschrieben – regt zum Nachdenken an..
    Freu mich für dich, dass es dir wieder so gut geht!
    Dickes Bussi & freu mich auf morgen!! :*


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