Bitten by the Travel Bug

This week I started with the planning of the summer and my exchange semester in general. I do have so many places I want to visit, as well as things I want to do as soon as I’m in North America again. On Monday night I finally booked my flights to Chicago. Oh you cannot imagine how excited I am – I’ll be able to hug my second family in less than six months!!!

Whenever I’ve fernweh I go and check my Instagram feed. I follow so many talented photographers who live in the US and it is always a pleasure to “follow” them through the city or accompany them on their travels. Here is a list of my current favourites:



I absolutely adore Alina’s feed. She has this incredible talent to capture unique moments. She is based in Chicago but travels a lot. Last year she’s been to Alaska and she often visits New York City. Talented young lady and I would love to meet when I’ll be in Chicago this summer.



What I love about her feed is the mixture of Chicago (she is also based in Chitown) and food. Her pictures are simple yet they do have that certain something. Concerning food we do have similar taste, especially her coffee always looks delicious.



This guy definitely is a fantastic photographer. In his feed he writes that he is a designer and he is like the other two based in Chi as well. I love how he plays with perspectives and lighting. Very artsy and unique feed!



The lady behind misshattan lives like the name already suggests in NYC but she travels a lot. Right now she is in Belize. I definitely love the New York photos because of their airy perspectives. I really don’t know how she manages to capture this city from that far above all the time, but it is incredible!



Dino lives in New York City as well and captures every day life in this city and in other parts of this world for a bit more than a year now. Ranging from architecture to people to nature he does everything.

Who are favourite Instagrammers in North America or in general?

pictures are taken from the stated Instagram feeds – I do not own them

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