Le Petit-Déjeuner



Another semester is over and my friend Julia and me decided to reward ourselves with un petit-déjeuner at the lovely Café Français in Vienna. She will take off for Paris tomorrow for her exchange semester so we thought this is the right place to celebrate both.



I absolutely adore this place. Staff is always super friendly and quick! The food is excellent, I’ve already tried several other dishes as well and have never been disappointed. Moreover, the interior is just gorgeous. Everything looks so chic and the mixture of modern and vintage make the entire experience even better. Though, many people like this place as much as I do, so most of the time it is fully booked. It is therefore a good idea to make a reservation some days ahead of time.


This time we decided for the “Breakfast Vanessa Paradis” which includes a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a flaky-fluffy croissant (simply perfection!!), some fruit salad, a selection of jams and a knob of butter. In my opinion, this was just the right amount to start a stroll in the city and do some shopping – very classy indeed.


One day before Christmas I had the French Toast there – SO GOOD!!!! Doesn’t this just look mouth-watering?

Where do you go to indulge yourself? Any recommendations for Vienna or any other city?

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