Good Reads in ’14

So I always say that I don’t read much. And I guess in comparison with other people, especially real bookworms, I am indeed no gain for the literature industry. Today I was standing in front of my book shelf and thought I will share the books I read this year with you.

“Liebesbriefe großer Männer”
– This book was a gift from my mom last Christmas. This is the book, that Carrie read in Sex and the City and as some of you might recall, this book actually didn’texist and was fiction as the movie itself, but so many women asked for it so that one day this wonderful book got published. It is so sweet to read love letters form Napoleon or Beethoven, some real classics in there. Excellent book to have on the night stand.

“The Things That Matter” – Nate Berkus
– Nate Berkus is a well-known interior designer living in NYC. His book is full of impressive photographs and inspiration. Not only does it contain pictures though, this book contains a very moving love story and gives very honest insights in Nate’s personal life. It was a birthday present from my aunt and even though I already read it twice I love to have a look in it from time to time, simply because Nate’s taste for interiors is so magnificent.

“Harry Potter” – J.K. Rowling
– Do I need to say more? The Harry Potter series formed part of my childhood and adolescence and I cannot put in words how thankful I am for these wonderful books. I already read the first one for 10 times and it never gets boring. Wonderful memories and always nice to return to Hogwarts.

“Gebrauchsanweisung für …”
– I am no big fan of travel guides, but the books of this series I can highly recommend. Wherever I go I read the book in advance. So far I read: the world, Sweden, USA, London and Alaska coming up. These guides offer deeper insights in culture and therefore give a better understanding for the people living there. Also, many background information is included, for example, the London guide points out the problems with the underground. I especially love the personal stories between the book covers.

“Silicon Wahnsinn” – Katja Kessler
“Das große Los” – Meike Winnemuth
– Two fantastic stories of two women who both lived away from home for a year. Katja moved to Silicon Vally with her husband and her four kids while Meike decided for a journey around the world and lived in twelve different destinations for a month each.  I love the irony and the personal anecdotes in both books. Highly recommendable for travel bugs!!!

“The Fault in our Stars” – John Green
– Many, many people read this book this year and as so many others I loved it very much! Such a moving and at the same time inspiring story of two teenagers who suffer from cancer. It was the saddest book I’ve ever read and cried a lot. One of the greatest love stories of all times in my opinion! I guess, this one falls in the category “reading it more than once”.

“My Paris Kitchen” – David Lebovitz
– Not only a wonderful cookbook with even greater recipes, but there are so many stories in this book. And yes, I read a cookbook from cover to cover!!

“Am Hang” – Markus Werner
– I still have this book from my days in school and my very beloved German teacher recommended this book. I finally came around to read it this summer. Great German literature and captivating until the very end!

“The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared” – Jonas Jonasson
– A very funny story with a deeper meaning behind it. I read this book during the summer and it was very entertaining. Good Swedish literature for everyone!

“Generation Maybe” – Oliver Jeges
– I actually just finished this one two days ago. Wonderful book about my generation! I hope that more people, who are not Maybes, will read it to finally understand us, the Genration Maybe. Even though I didn’t share Jeges’ opinion in every point he made, but the overall picture is very accurate. Simply fantastic book and an even greater ending. First non-fiction book that brought me to tears!

“Thinking, Fast and Slow” – Daniel Kahneman
– Didn’t read that so far, but is already on my night stand. Very excited about this book, because it was on my “to-read-list” for a while now.

“Airtropolis” – Werner Bartsch
– Not a book in the classical sense, it is a coffee-table book. I love Bartsch’s photographs he took over the period of a year at Frankfurt Airport.


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